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9/11 first respondersI was a freshman in High School, sitting in second hour Geometry class. Mrs. Brunk, my teacher, came running in saying “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” in her usual frantic ways and started fumbling to turn the TV on. We sat and tried to make sense of airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center. I know in that moment I didn’t understand what it meant. My parents called and wanted to come pick me up from school, they wanted me safe at home in a world that suddenly seemed very unsafe. I remember watching airplanes flying over head in clear blue skies as we drove and thinking that all airplanes were supposed to be grounded and wondering if any of us were safe.

I will never forget this day: September 11, 2001.

Loading the U-haulOur good friend Mark holds the last piece in place.Exactly 13 years later, we woke up in Salina, Kansas with anxious hearts, ready to finish the last leg of our cross country journey. We prayed that our van could sustain pulling the trailer one more day, and that our kids could endure one more 6-hour car ride because we were almost home. It was a cloudy day, and as we approached the outskirts of Denver we realized that the mountains were hiding behind a gray blanket of clouds. That wasn’t enough to deter our excitement, though. We were here. Here at last. Here for good. Colorado, our home.

I will never forget this day: September 11, 2014.

Welcome to Colorful ColoradoWelcome to Colorful ColoradoIt’s been a wild year. 2 moves, 1 baby, new friends, new jobs, new homes, and mountains. Lots of mountains. God planted this dream in our hearts so long ago, and every year on September 11 we will remember the significance of this day for our nation, and the significance of this day for our family. This is the day God took us on the adventure of a lifetime, and the day God gave us enough faith to be willing to do it.

The mountains are where the Potters belong. Here’s to another year of wild adventures!


Jenny Potter

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